mangakakalot - read manga online It is of great pleasure to welcome you to our School Website. This school year will be a year of setting and reaching attainable goals, working harder and smarter and taking our school and students’ achievements to the next level of "GREATNESS" especially after starting with a new strategy of e-learning. We need to remember that our success is dependent on what we can accomplish together. " None of us is as good as all of us"

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Welcome to The European Lebanese School

President’s Message

Dear Parents and Students,

It’s my great pleasure to welcome parents and students to European Lebanese School. Our school’s commitment to our children has become a tradition in Lebanon.
We are complimenting our excellent educational standards with:
  • *A beautiful and educationally captivating environment.
  • *Tenured and experienced teachers.
  • *Academic support.
  • *Extra curricular activities / clubs.
  • *Student involvement.
  • *A variety of on line services.
  • *Extra programs.

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Recent News

E-learning Program

No more bags – No more heavy books – No more back pain.

Technology has revolutionized and eased up our life and it is widely spread all over the world. To accompany technology, E.L.S offers an E- learning program, which is a global educational system that

1- Provides information
2- Offers different resources
3- Gives students the opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge.

For this purpose, classrooms are fully equipped with up-to date technology:

1- Smart boards
2- Laptops for students
3- Wireless internet.

All teachers became qualified after applying to frequent training programs in order to apply their mission perfectly and smoothly. Noting that every student follows up his lessons by using his own laptop and flash memory. Consequently, this program saves him time and pain.