It is of great pleasure to welcome you to our School Website. This school year will be a year of setting and reaching attainable goals, working harder and smarter and taking our school and students’ achievements to the next level of “GREATNESS” especially after starting with a new strategy of e-learning. We need to remember that our success is dependent on what we can accomplish together. “ None of us is as good as all of us”

School Rules

School rules are designed to maintain a safe and orderly learning environment. School rules apply on campus, school buses, field trips, and school – sponsored events. The rules are stated below and the examples provided are illustrative rather than comprehensive.


*Students must arrive to school no later than 7:25 a.m. When students are late they must report to the supervisor. The student receives a late slip, which allows the student to be admitted to class. Excused tardiness only involves car accidents and traffic – related incidents that are documented. A student who is late more than 2 consecutive times days/week will not be admitted unless parents meet the principal.

End- of Day Dismissal

* Parents of Kindergarten school should pick up their children from their classrooms at the end of the school day.
* Parents of Elementary school should pick up their children from their playground at the end of the school day.
* Elementary children should not go individually through the gate.
* In case parents of Elementary children allow their children to go alone by walk to their houses, school administration should be informed by a written letter.
* Staying on school premises after – school hours is not permitted. Students must leave school premises by 2:30 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. for Nursery students.
* The school is not responsible for students who stay on school premises after 2:45 p.m. unless the one involved in co-curricular activities, teacher sponsored events or serving detentions.


* When a student is absent from school, the parent must call the school before 8:00 a.m. In the case of an emergency, when the parent cannot call the school, the absence is recorded as unexcused until the phone call is placed and the absence is approved.
* When a student arrives after the third period in the day, it is considered an absence.
* An absence of two consecutive days or more must be justified with a certified medical doctor’s report. Failure to bring this documentation may result in an unexcused absence and loss of grades for missed classes. The credibility of the report is left to the principal’s or supervisor’s discretion.
* A student returning to school after a one-day absence must present a written note signed by a parent giving the dates and reason for the absence. Failure to bring a note will result in an unexcused absence and loss of grades missed classes. The credibility of the note is left to the principal’s or supervisor’s discretion.
* If a student is absent for 20 school days or more in a Term for valid or invalid reason the student will fail the Term.
* Parents or guardians should collect the assignments from the principal’s office. If the absence is due to an illness or other unforeseen reason, missed work must be made up as soon as possible.
* All students absent from any examinations, including weekly, midterm and final exams, will lose grades on these examinations unless the student presents a valid report from a certified medical doctor indicating the reason for his absence and such a report is approved by the principal.

Leaving Class or School

* Students of Elementary, Intermediate and Secondary school are not allowed out of class unless they have a pass from teacher. A pass is required at all times, including visits to the washrooms or main offices.
* All students absent from any examinations, including weekly, midterm and final exams, will be lose credit on these examinations unless the student parents a valid report from a certified medical doctor indicating the reason for his absence and such a report in approved by the principal.
* Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school day. In case the student has to leave school the following should be applied:
-The parent/guardian must address a written request to principal expressing the time and reason for departure.
-The parent/guardian must collect the student personally from the principal’s office. If the parent/guardian cannot pick up their child, they should send with the person picking up their child an official letter signed by them authorizing the person to do so.

Dress and Appearance

* Students should come to school wearing the proper school uniform. Students will be sent to the supervisor’s or the principal’s office and will wait until their parents bring their school uniform and will be then sent back to class. Students should maintain a tidy and proper appearance that is consistent with the school dress code. Students will also be sent to the supervisor’s or the principal’s office to take corrective measures (i.e. remove make – up and dangling earrings). If additional measures need to be taken (i. e, a haircut) parents will be contacted.

Class Preparation

* Students should come to class with all homework completed and with the required books and learning materials.
* Students are not allowed to borrow or share books or learning materials.

Classroom Conduct

* Students should not disobey the teacher or interrupt normal class activity.
* Students are not allowed to throw objects (e.g., pencils, and books) in class.
* Students should remain in their assigned seats unless permitted or until the teacher dismisses the class.

Food and Beverages

* Students should not eat or drink in classroom (except for water), library, laboratories, and any other areas in which beverages and food are prohibited.
* Students cannot chew gum on school campus or in school-sponsored events.
* Ordering food and beverages from external restaurants and stores is prohibited during the school day.


* Students should dispose off their personal trash in waste bins and not on the floor, school grounds, and playgrounds.
* Students should keep the areas around them clean and tidy. Lunch bags should be placed on the assigned books.
* Bags should be placed under the desks or chairs and not in the aisle. Books should not be placed on the floor.
* Students should not write on or scratch their desks or chairs. This act is considered vandalism.


* Students should not throw water or any liquid on the ground.
* Students should remain on the designated playground during the break time.
* Students of kindergarten & elementary should follow the safety rules and procedures when using fixed play units.


* Students should move to and from classes in an orderly and quiet manner. No running, pushing, or shouting is accepted.

Profanity and Violence

* Students cannot use profanity at any time.
* Students cannot verbally or physically assault a staff member or student.
* Bullying and fighting of any kind of violence is strictly prohibited.


* Students are forbidden from damaging school property (i.e desks, bulletin boards laptops, and white boards) any other property.
* Students are prohibited from drawing on school property or others’ property.
* The school may request that the students/parents reimburse the school the cost of the item damaged by their child.

Prohibited Articles and Electronic Devices

* Students are prohibited from carrying personal articles disruptive to the educational process. Such articles include cell phones, cameras, pagers, i-pods, laser pens and pointers, toys and other items. All confiscated items will be returned at the end of the school year.
* Certain articles are permitted in case the student has projects presentation and after the permission of supervisor.

Prohibited Substances

* Students are prohibited from possessing or using tobacco and any other substances on school campus, at school- sponsored events, and outside the school when wearing the school uniform.

Dangerous Items

* Students are prohibited from possessing or using dangerous items on school campus, at School – sponsored events, and outside the school when wearing the school uniform.

Inappropriate display of affection

* Students are strictly forbidden to in appropriately display affection on school campus.

Technology Use

* Students should use the school’s technology appropriately and comply with the rules and regulations as stated in the technology use policy.

Academic dishonesty

- Student cannot engage in academic dishonesty and any out of cheating including:
- Copying someone else’s homework or exam response.
- Allowing someone else to copy homework or exam responses.
- Plagiarizing or copying someone else’s ideas and claiming them as one’s own.
- Improperly obtaining exam questions and answer keys.
- Falsifying notes, passes, records, or other official documents.

Conduct Polices

The administration of E.L.S believes that preparing a child to be a good citizen, can only be accomplished in a positive and safe environment. It also realizes that the student positive conduct is the one required to insure a smooth application of the educational practices as unacceptable behaviors will not only obstruct the educational operation but will also affect it negatively. The set form of behavioral norms, followed at E.L.S, primarily aims to stimulate the positive initiatives by the students and to encourage and reinforce them in order that they may become a pattern of action or behavior. Our rules, regulations, and behavioral expectations will as well confront the un acceptable behavior, modifying, and replace it with one that reflects a cooperative and friendly spirit. A procedure like this is intended to give the misbehaved student a chance to reconsider his/her insubordination and also to help him/her to demonstrate an ability to practice good citizenship. The ultimate goals for these rules are above all, to provide all students a healthy school environment within which to learn.

The following situations and behaviors that are considered serious infractions of school rules will be dealt with by the principal and supervisors immediately.

* Abusive references to religion.
* Disregard and / or breaking of school rules, its academic and administrative directives.
* Violations of honor and acts of dishonesty.
* Participation in any act that disturbs or threatens the security of the school or interferes with the learning of other students.
* Harmful behavior that is contrary to acceptable social and ethical norms.
* Smoking and possession and/or usage of stimulants and drugs in general; also possession or use of any instruments that inflict or result in physical harm.
* Insubordination such as abusive language toward and member of faculty or staff or disobedience of reasonable requests from any of these.
* Forgery of certificates or documents issued by the school.
* Owing and/or distribution of publications – books, photographs, films, etc. that do confirm to moral principles and codes.
* Vandalism and theft.
* Obscene language.
* Unexcused late arrival to the morning assembly.
* Generally, misconduct is handled gradually, whenever possible, to bring positive change in behavior.
* The student who behaves in an unacceptable manner will be subject to the following actions:
* Deprival of school rewards and prizes for a reasonable period of time.
* Obligation to correct the damage he/she caused whenever possible.
* Deduction of marks from the conduct grade.
* Verbal warning – after individual and performable immediate to identify the unacceptable behavior and stress the consequences.
* Written referral – includes warning and specifying the consequences of further misbehavior.
* Detention after noon, under supervision of teachers and supervisor. The student will be given some tasks to complete.
* First warning of expulsion from school.
* Second warning of expulsion from school.
* Suspension from class for a period of time (not exceeding 3 days) followed by immediate notification of the parent / guardian . The student will, mean while be given some tasks to complete.
* Cases referred for expulsion will go through:
-Temporary Expulsion for a period of 3 – 7 days.
- Final Expulsion from E.L.S.