It is of great pleasure to welcome you to our School Website. This school year will be a year of setting and reaching attainable goals, working harder and smarter and taking our school and students’ achievements to the next level of “GREATNESS” especially after starting with a new strategy of e-learning. We need to remember that our success is dependent on what we can accomplish together. “ None of us is as good as all of us”
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School Bus Rules & Regulations

Parents and students are kindly requested to understand and comply by rules and regulations stated below:

• Students must follow the scheduled time of pickup. If the bus arrives at the stop in the scheduled time and the student is not there, the bus will not wait more than two minutes and will continue its trip.
• Students must directly go to their busses after the school day ends and must be on the bus at the scheduled times. Busses will leave at that time and will not wait for late students.
• Students are not allowed to leave the bus unless they are permitted to when it stops.
• Parents / guardians should wait for their children at the bus stop where they are dropped off 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time of the bus arrival.

To insure the safety of all students in the bus, students should abide by the following rules:

• Board and depart the bus in a proper manner.
• Remain seated at all times until dismissed.
• Avoid talking to the bus driver and the bus helper.
• Sit quietly in assigned seat and avoid moving about and disturbing others.
• Refrain from fighting and pushing.
• Refrain from littering and throwing objects in and out of the bus.
• Refrain from eating and drinking in the bus.
• Be courteous and use proper language.
• Parents are asked not to give the driver any comment, but rather call administration.
• It’s the student responsibility in case he /she tampered with the bus equipment and it’s obligatory to pay.
• Parents who withdraw their children from using the school bus are kindly asked to give a one month notice. The cancellation request should be done in writing and handed over the admission department.
• In case of a change in a student’s residence after the commencement of the school year, the school can’t guarantee that the bus service can be arranged to the new location.

Note that all school rules apply to the school bus too. Any student who breaks the school bus rules or behaves in a manner that threatens the safety of others on the bus will be reported to administration who in turn will take an action, and the student may be denied the privilege to use the school bus services.

* I hereby certify that I have read and agreed on all what was written above and specifically the bus regulations and that my child leaves the school bus alone when dropped off. I understand that it is my full responsibility to deal with any consequences and that the school doesn’t hold any liability for the student safety once the child leaves the school bus.

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