It is of great pleasure to welcome you to our School Website. This school year will be a year of setting and reaching attainable goals, working harder and smarter and taking our school and students’ achievements to the next level of “GREATNESS” especially after starting with a new strategy of e-learning. We need to remember that our success is dependent on what we can accomplish together. “ None of us is as good as all of us”


Independence Day:

The European Lebanese School celebrates Lebanon Independence Day on the 21st of November. Everybody joins us in celebrating this occasion by dressing in the native clothing of Lebanon, the army Uniform , and the colors that represent the flag. We encourage the students to make projects, bring pictures or items from their home country to show to their classes, in addition to posters, pictures, and flags to decorate the school on this day. We wish that our independence day celebration will bring to our minds the joy and happiness of being united together as LEBANESE.

AL Haj

The Islamic Department organizes Al Haj Ceremony every year. Boys and girls learn all the elements of Haj and apply them on that day. They all get dressed in white and visit Mecca and Arafa Mountain. It is spiritually uplifting where all participants enjoy their time.

Mother’s Day

E.L.S annually organizes a distinguish ceremony for all mothers. Students from Nursery classes till grade 12 share their moms the happy moments and smile. It’s the 10th year of celebration.
Starting at the school campus, then at Al Madina Theatre after that at the Coral Beach, going to Michelle Al Mor playground, and another year at Coral Beach. Where is it going to be the coming year? Check our website and we’ll let you know with E.L.S you’re gonna be having lots of surprises.

E.L.S Fair

We at E.L.S strive to present quality events and experiences for our students.
One of these events is the language Math, Science, and Art Fair. Students from Nursery up to Grade 6 display their projects all around the playground. Creative and talented art master pieces of KG students, inventions of our young elementary inventors all were placed waiting for the delighted audience to enjoy their time and learn more!.

Color’s Festival

The European Lebanese School makes a color’s Festival, where a certain color is to be chosen on a specific day and all students and teachers wear the same color and get different kinds of food & fruits of the same color too.

Sports’ Activities

The sports’ teachers have organized a sport’s week where students of the same class but with different sections enjoy the spirit of challenge between each other.
As for the school team, students of our school have participated in different games and have had the opportunity to communicate with other teams of other schools and share with them the challenge spirit.

Character Day

It’s all FUN and CRAZY …
Fun and Crazy are just the two words to describe the day where all students and teachers enjoyed a day of excitement with different costumes and masks. Gifts were given out to the best costumes based on cheer voting.
It is really an exciting day that shows what other personalities our students and teachers can be!

Acing Day

To strengthen the acing hobby in our students, the Arabic and English departments have organized an acting day for elementary students. It is a way to motivate ELS young characters.

Hat Day

Everybody at ELS will be wearing his/her favorite hat to school this day. We’ll be creative by wearing the most colorful and silly hat we can think of! We can even make our own hats at home and wear it to school.

International Day

Who doesn’t like to have a free tour around the world and learn about different cultures?
Students don’t need to book a ticket to enjoy this experience. All they have to do is to come to school and share the International Day. Countries to visit are: spain , Egypt, Mexico, England, Palestine, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, and many more …

Cooking Day

Our educational program provides students with a curriculum that develops communication and leadership skills, and the ability for our students to apply that they have learned in their daily life routine.
Students apply all this in one day activity, the cooking day, where they prepare their own pizzas, salads, and juice.
Hats off to them! ELS is very proud of them.